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Ted Blenkers Blog Loves Boats and Sailing Around The World​​

When Ted Blenkers blog is not sailing he is loving the sea to death because it’s his passion.
Ted Blenkers started sailing at a very young age when he found out that his passion was sailing for one place to another.

Ted Blenkers- Cruise Captain
Ted Blenkers- Cruise Captain

Ted’s reviews are some of the most well-informed opinions, the best value, and likes for boats you will ever see. He is a valuable source for all boating needs and water activities.

Ted Blenkers -Driving the boat
Ted Blenkers – Driving the boat

He especially likes helping out beginners by giving them a wealth of information for like-minded people who have a curiosity and a bunch of questions that only an expert like he can answer.

Some enthusiasts always come back at him with more questions because they admire his expertise.

Ted’s great journey has taken years to accomplish.

He usually tells people how difficult it was to start in the beginning without much money and no financial reward. However, will great determination, passion and never give up attitude in life was what kept him going.

He remembers the best practices approach with absolutely no fear in mind to get on the ship and sail away. He tells people that this attitude was what was needed to get off his tail to sail the ocean.

Ted Blenkers - Sailor duties
Ted Blenkers – Sailor duties

Ted’s adventure and love for sailing are what made him do what he did from the get-go.He had 0 zero experience in sailing but it was his curiosity that brought him close.

He totally sucked and with no information he did.

He failed many times but it was worth it. With that curiosity and determination, he saved up for his first class. Now, he is considered an entrepreneur in sailing and being a ship boat captain.

It’s been a long time since he said the pacific for the first time. He now resides in Thailand where he sails as much as possible.

Ted Blenkers - Captain
Ted Blenkers – Captain

Ted Blenkers is modeled by the idea that one man can sail a ship, captain a boat, be friends with the ocean all at the same time. His passion has helped him grow as a man and understand the necessity of being one with a boat.

Ted Blenkers - Navigate the Sea
Ted Blenkers – Navigate the Sea

Not too many people unless they have the passion to be out in the ocean without family, friends and The amenities that people have a normal life and to give them away for months at a time.

Please view this blog to read more about the passion of Ted Blenkers.